Conference Interpreting

Traductio has provided services for a number of important business, culture and media conferences, including simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at the EURO 2012 Conference in Cardiff. We provided interpretation at conferences and high-profile meetings for organisations such as the Polish Ministry of Justice, the Polish Ministry of Sport, the Polish Embassy, investment and retail banks and other leading institutions.

Public Service Interpreting

Traductio offers assistance at Registry Offices, doctors surgeries and hospitals, in courts, and at police stations and probation centres. At Traductio we assure high quality of this service as well as confidentiality and punctuality of our interpreters.

Telephone Interpreting

Traductio provides telephone interpreting services at whatever time is convenient for you. If your situation is urgent, we will provide you with an interpreter ready to assist you with solving the problem over the phone.

Language interpretation, or interpreting, is the facilitating of oral or sign-language communication, either simultaneously or consecutively, between users of different languages. Translation studies is the systematic study of the theory, description and application of language interpretation and translation.[1]

An interpreter is a person who converts a thought or expression in a source language into an expression with a comparable meaning in a target language either simultaneously in “real time” or consecutively after one party has finished speaking. The interpreter’s function is to convey every semantic element (tone and register) and every intention and feeling of the message that the source-language speaker is directing to target-language recipients.

At Traductio we offer interpreting in below sectors

  • Legal Aid Interpreting

    – Interpreting at courts

    – Interpreting in HM Prisons

    – Interpreting at medical commissions

    – Interpreting at Law Firms

  • Government Interpreting

    – Government representatives conference

    – Government representatives meeting

    – Government representatives simultaneous interpreting

    – Interpreting for the Ministry

    – Interpreting for the Embassy

    – Interpreting for the delegation

  • Conference Interpreting

    – Interpreting for conference organisers

    – Interpreting for delegates

    – Interpreting with and without cabins

    – Simultaneous interpreting

    – Consecutive interpreting

  • Business Interpreting

    – Interpreting for Businesses

    – Interpreting for Corporations

    – Interpreting for Institutions

    – Simultaneous Interpreting

    – Consecutive Interpreting

  • Public Service Interpreting

    – Interpreting for NHS

    – Interpreting for County Councils

    – Interpreting for Law Firms

    – Interpreting for Individuals

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