Cantonese, or Standard Cantonese (simplified Chinese广州话traditional Chinese廣州話), is a language that originated in the vicinity of Canton (i.e., Guangzhou) in southern China, and is spoken by approximately 62 million speakers worldwide.[4] It is often regarded as the prestige dialect of Yue. It is an official language in Hong Kong (along with English) and in Macau (along with Portuguese). It is sometimes also known as Guangfuhua (simplified Chinese广府话traditional Chinese廣府話) a broader definition which also includes the Guangzhou dialect, Hong Kong dialectXiguan dialectWuzhou dialect, and Tanka dialect.[citation needed]

Cantonese is the prestige language of the Cantonese people. Inside mainland China, it is a lingua franca in Guangdong Province and some neighbouring areas, such as the eastern part of Guangxi Province. Outside mainland China, it is spoken by the majority population of Hong Kong and Macau in everyday life. It is also spoken by overseas Chinese communities in Southeast Asia (likeMalaysiaChristmas Island), CanadaBrazilPeruCubaPanamaAustraliaNew ZealandEurope, and the United States.

While the term Cantonese refers narrowly to the prestige language described in this article, it is often used in a broader sense for the entire Yue branch of Chinese, including related dialects such as Taishanese.