Today we take a look at the word: Calm.
adjective: calm; comparative adjective: calmer; superlative adjective: calmest
  1. 1.
    not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.
    “she had to keep calm at all costs”
    • (of a place) peaceful after violent activity.
      “the city was reported to be calm, but army patrols remained”
  2. 2.
    (of the weather) pleasantly free from wind.
    “the night was clear and calm”
    synonyms: windless, still, tranquil, quiet, serene, peaceful, pacific, undisturbed, restful, balmy,halcyon

    “the night was clear and calm”
    antonyms: windy, stormy
noun: calm
  1. 1.
    the absence of strong emotions; calm feelings.
    “his usual calm deserted him”
    synonyms: composure, coolness, calmness, self-possession, sangfroid, presence of mind, poise,aplomb, self-control; More

    antonyms: anxiety
  2. 2.
    the absence of wind.
    “in the centre of the storm calm prevailed”
    • still air represented by force 0 on the Beaufort scale (less than 1 knot or 1 km/h).
    • an area of the sea without wind.
      plural noun: calms
      “flat calms”
verb: calm; 3rd person present: calms; past tense: calmed; past participle: calmed; gerund or present participle: calming
  1. 1.
    make (someone) tranquil and quiet; soothe.
    “I took him inside and tried to calm him down
    antonyms: excite, upset
    • (of a person) become tranquil and quiet.
      “gradually I calmed down and lost my anxiety”
      synonyms: compose oneself, recover/regain one’s composure, control oneself, recover/regain one’s self-control, pull oneself together, keep one’s head, simmer down, cool down,cool off, take it easy; More

      antonyms: lose one’s temper
late Middle English: via one of the Romance languages from Greek kauma ‘heat (of the day)’.
Source: Wikipedia